Behavioral Interventions Inc provides personal, professional, hands-on training and assessment to anyone dealing with challenging behaviors. One of our professionals will visit the site(s), do an assessment, and then develop a written behavioral support plan to address the identified behavioral challenges. We then train the individuals involved in the person's life on how to implement these methods to reduce the undesired behaviors. We then provide on-going monitoring, training, and consultation to ensure that progress is being made.  

We serve the Indiana counties of: Delaware, Madison, Henry, Randolph, Jay, Grant, Blackford, Cass, Miami, Howard, Fayette, Wayne, Rush, Union, and Hancock. 

We specialize in treating adults, teens, and children with intellectual disabilities, autism, ADHD, TBI, mental illness, and other developmental disabilities. We strive to help individuals and their teams build behavioral balance. 

We train staff, parents, teachers, professionals, and anyone needing behavior management skills. We are an Indiana Medicaid Waiver provider for the CIH, TBI, and FS waivers.

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Our Company History:

Behavioral Interventions Inc was started in 1999 by CJ Gallihugh with the support of Nicole Thomas after deciding to start an agency that wouldn't lose sight of their desire and commitment to helping those with behavioral difficulties in a positive and respectful manner. We have always been committed to remaining a client-focused company, which provides exemplary services to our clientele in a nurturing and supportive way to help individuals build behavioral balance so they can be successful in their futures.  

Our Behavior Consultants:

CJ Gallihugh, PsyD, NCC, RBC, LMHC possesses a doctorate in psychology and is a National Certified Counselor, a Registered Behavior Consultant, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Dr Gallihugh has worked in the field of disabilities since 1984 and has experience in sheltered workshops, day programs, group homes, semi-independent living, group therapies, classrooms, and supported living. She specializes in Autism, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, and mental illnesses.  She is trained in supported typing to facilitate communication for people with nonverbal autism. People with developmental disabilities have been a part of CJ's life since she was 4 years old.  Dr Gallihugh enjoys working with this population because of their genuine nature and love of life. Dr Gallihugh is the owner and president of BII. Her professional commitment to serving those with developmental disabilities paved the way for her to create a non-profit charity in 2008, which provides living necessities and group therapies for this population (SNAP - the Special Needs Assistance Project -

Nicole Gilmore, MA, RBC possesses a Master's degree in special education and is a Registered Behavior Consultant. She has worked in the field of disabilities since 1993. She has experience working as a developmental therapist before becoming a behavior consultant in 1999. Nicole has been with Behavioral Interventions since its founding in 1999. Nicole specializes in autism and young adults needing to improve their social skills. Nicole is dedicated to helping people build their community involvement and improve their social skills.

Kristin Davis, MA, RBC possesses a Master's degree in special education and is a Registered Behavior Consultant. She specializes in the area of emotional and behavioral disabilities and the autism spectrum disorders. Kristin worked as a licensed teacher with special needs children and has both teaching and volunteer experience with individuals of various exceptional needs and disabilities. Kristin joined BII in 2000. 

Teresa Kellow Cox, MA, RBC, LMHC possesses a Master's degree in pre-clinical psychology and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Behavior Consultant. Teresa has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since 1995 and has developed a solid background in the field of behavioral assessment and treatment planning. She has experience working with a wide range of ages, disabilities, behavior disorders, and mental illnesses in both group homes and supported living. Teresa joined BII in 2008. 

Beverly Forrey, MA, RBC possesses a Master's degree in Special Education with certification in autism and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and is a Registered Behavior Consultant. Beverly has worked with individuals with disabilities since 2005 providing services in the areas of behavior modification, communication, functional living skills, self-help skills, and she trains therapists and parents in the techniques of applied behavior analysis. Beverly owns Hope Behavioral Services, which provides ABA therapy for individuals on the autism spectrum. Beverly is a board member of the Autism Resource Center of Kokomo (ARCK). Beverly joined BII in 2012.  

​Miranda Chamberlin, MSW holds a Masters of Social Work .  She has been working in community services since 1999, focusing on children, adults and families.  She is certified in Forensic Interviewing as well as a Child and Family Team Facilitator.   As part of her work, Miranda evaluated clients’ mental, physical and emotional health through psychosocial assessments and developed treatment plans to meet their identified needs.  In addition, Miranda has been a strong advocate for clients, ensuring that they receive needed services and benefits for which they are eligible. Her work is based on a client-centered approach honoring the desires and interests of her clients. Miranda joined BII in 2016. 

Chasity Wright, MS holds a Masters of Science in Studies in Human Behavior. She has served individuals with developmental disabilities since 2006 in a variety of settings, including classrooms, after-school programs, and residential care. Chasity's personal life brought her into this line of work. Her passion and commitment to ensuring client needs and rights are met motivates her to provide a very high level of care. In addition to her work in this field, Chasity contributes her energy as a Zumba instructor. Chasity joined BII in 2017. 

Brooke Slagle, MA possesses a Master's degree in special education and a Master's degree in school counseling. She has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since 1996. Before becoming a school counselor in 2015, Brooke was a licensed teacher for students with special needs for 17 years. During that time, she served as the school's autism team leader. She also has a solid background in trauma-informed care. Brooke has experience working with a wide range of disabilities, ages, and behaviors. Brooke joined BII in 2018.